For $130, we provide a budgeting tool that converts your household spending into earning, to yield 3x income. Ask us how.

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Attributes of Budgeting Tool


Participants in our community earn growing residual income from any participant's everyday household spending 


The healthiest nourishment and well-being systems


 Access to robust live trainings and networking platforms around living healthy and creating wealth


Collaboration is rewarded and competition is ineffective


Spending controls and shopping concierge systems to save time and effort


Builds around your current lifestyle and spending to yield a much greater bang for that same buck.

Everyday Living and Everyday Shopping - Monetized

Sharing Economy

An economic system in which assets or services are shared between private individuals, either free or for a fee, typically by means of the Internet. 

The Monetizing of Living

The sharing economy allows one to commercialize the personal, so we ought now to be able to monetize more of our day-to-day regular activities by just sharing and reduce the reliance on just our professional occupations for the sole source of income. 

Lifestyle Empowerment

This kind of organic income can thereby inject money, health, and time into our current lifestyles.

Expense/Income Conversion Budgeting Tool

While there are several sharing economy platforms for adding supplemental income to everyday activities, there is really only one that monetizes the most unavoidable and costly area of money-outflow - household shopping.  On this platform are covered most of the product categories that people already spend on, and for which they don't receive any income from.  In order to differentiate their products in these common categories further, the platform has prioritized the wellness attributes in their manufacturing.  Therefore, by purchasing these products in those common categories, you get not only value in terms of income, but also value in terms of health.  Considering the fairly comprehensive ecosystem of household shopping that this platform covers, they have devised a budgeting system, complete with tracking for tax-benefits, to help enable every household to maximize their income and health benefits from engagement in this process.

Most importantly, considering this expense-to-income conversion budgeting tool is socially powered, the income accumulation aggregates based on the number of households collaborating in this effort.  I.e. your income growth is not limited by just your household expenses being converted.

Sharing Platforms for Fueling the Budgeting Tool

Considering such an effective socially-powered tool for income and health enhancement, it then naturally makes sense to try and expand the social pool for funneling the aggregation of expenses that converts into income.  This is where other sharing economy platforms come in.  While you are monetizing your everyday living through those and making relationships, however brief, the interaction and mindset in those peer-to-peer transactions represents a glimpse of the kind of deeper collaborative coordination one would need for the mutual benefit via the Expense/Income Conversion Budgeting Tool.

We Help Set up the Budgeting Tool and Help Navigate Sharing Platforms

By serving personally as a template and with a growing network of resources, we are able to help set up your budgeting tool and help you navigate through other sharing platforms to ensure you are maximizing on your monetizing of everyday life activities and everyday shopping activities.  

Who can this benefit, and how..

Corporate Professionals

These type of individuals generally struggle with having enough time for themselves while putting in plenty of overtime.  Opportunities to enjoy their hard-earned income are limited.  

If their disposal income budget is tweaked or restructured to make their regular shopping automated and personal errands scheduled and addressed by a tasker, they will be left with more time (with just tweaking) and more income (by restructuring).

Stay at Home Parents

This group struggles with spikes of overwhelming activity along with fixed limited income without real prospect for growth. 

But this group generally is a lot more socially interactive due to playdate-based interactions. 

This social element can actually help in their becoming more savvy shoppers for their everyday regular shopping and the sharing element can actually fuel a "convert-spending-into-earning" compounding of their income. Ultimately, they can then have a little more disposable income to leverage more of the sharing economy services for tasks automation to further reduce stress and augment the health in their lifestyle.

Workers In-Between Jobs

Individuals in this group may have time, limited money, but lots of psychological stress due to the uncertainty of the next source of income security. 

While they are likely marketing their brand of skills for the next sustainable income or major payout in the big-picture security sense, they should also assess the items of marginal value in terms of their skills and assets. Taking stock of these with respect to the sharing economy can also then allow the person to have simple assets and services generate revenue via platforms like Uber, Airbnb, TaskRabbit, eBay, Turbo, and numerous others. 

For this group, a social support network is critical to mitigate the psychological anxiety. But a network that offers economic support and empowerment has more substance.  

My primary sharing platform actually offers a way to convert the social interactions from the marginal revenue sharing platforms into bigger payouts and sustainably growing income. 

If you can show others how to spend smart and make money, you can make money by their spending in addition to your own spending.

Current Sharing Platforms